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  • General Questions
  • Do you install surge arrestors?
  • Yes, we offer several types and manufacturers of surge arrestors to protect your home or business from dangerous transient voltage spikes that can result from lightning storms or inductive loads that are often present in electrical systems which can cause damage to sensitive electronics such as computers, flat screen tvs, kitchen appliances, washer dryers, air conditioners, etc.  
  • I am concerned because my older house does not have the bathroom, kitchen and exterior receptacle outlets that newer homes have with the reset buttons for safety protection from electrocution.  
  • These are called GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupting) receptacles and are required in all bathroom, kitchen countertop, garage, and exterior outlets among other areas by the 2008 NEC.  They greatly reduce the risk of electrical shock when electrical equipment comes in contact with water or any other reason that could cause an electrical fault from a current carrying conductor to a grounding conductor in the electrical system.
  •  I am worried about fires resulting from damaged wiring or extension cords.  Is there anything you could recommend to increase my family's safety from potential fire hazards in the home?
  • Yes.  Recent technological advances in the electrical industry have resulted in the creation and installation of the AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupting) circuit breaker.  These are now a requirement in new homes by the 2005 and 2008 NEC, and the 2011 NEC which will be published in October 2011.  These circuit breakers detect damage resulting in arcs in electrical wiring which are a leading cause in house electrical fires.  These breakers disconnect power to the circuit much faster than a normal circuit breaker in the event of an arc, quickly preventing further damage.     We also recommend 120vac smoke detectors with battery backups and carbon monoxide protection as required by NFPA 72 in all newer homes.
  • Do you offer scheduled monthly or yearly inspections for my home or business?  
  • Yes we do.  Our PREVENTIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM for residential or commercial customers offers scheduled inspections at your convenience and as often as you choose.  This inspection service includes numerous inspection checklist items that we thoroughly inspect and verify you have a safe, efficient, and working electrical installation and that will reduce unexpected breakdowns of equipment or wiring with services such as our thermal imaging tests, device testing, breaker panel inspections, etc.   Click on the "Preventive Maintenance" link at the left of the page for more information.


  • About Us

    • Where are you located?

    We have 2 offices.  Our downtown Orlando office is located at 301 E Pine St, Suite 150, Orlando, FL 32801.

  • Our Polk County office is located at 710 Durango Loop St, Davenport, FL 33897



  • What are your hours?

We Offer 24 hour emergency service, and you can schedule service calls anytime 7 days a week subject to our schedule availability. 

  • Do you charge for estimates?

On larger construction jobs we can have someone in our estimating dept put together a quote.